New York

Huge Law Enforcement Presence on New Jersey Turnpike Ramp Draws Attention

New Jersey State Police said it was a high visibility bus inspection details

A heavy law enforcement presence with roughly eight marked and unmarked police vehicles on the New Jersey Turnpike ramp heading toward the Lincoln Tunnel drew commuter attention early Friday.

The nature of what appeared to be some sort of checkpoint on the ramp to 495 wasn't immediately clear. At least a half-dozen officers were seen standing in a grassy median on the ramp to 495, some wearing vests, others with dogs, but the situation did not appear urgent.

Chopper 4 over the scene showed officers pulling over commuter buses and speaking to drivers. 

"This was a high visibility bus inspection details conducted with our partners of Port Authority of New York/New Jersey," New Jersey State Police said in a statement.

The presence caused a bit of rubbernecking but no major traffic delays in the area. That appeared about to change, though. NJ Transit tweeted around 8:50 a.m. that a disabled bus inside the Lincoln Tunnel was delaying service to Port Authority. 

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