Bus Driver Fired for Helping Police Get Job Back

A school bus driver on Long Island who was fired after he helped police officers during a hail storm has gotten his job back following NBC New York's report on the story.

George Daw lost his job after the Aug. 1 storm that dumped heavy rain and golf-ball-sized hail on parts of the area.

Daw says he was driving a mini-bus carrying a teenage passenger and a bus matron as the storm tore through the area.

On Hillside Avenue, Daw came upon on a stalled unmarked police car carrying detectives, according to Detective Lt. Raymond Cote. The car had been filling with water.

"They're saying, you've got to help us, you've got to help us," said Daw. "You've got to get us to the third precinct. We're police officers."

Daw did just that, pushing through the flood waters to pick up the detectives and deliver them to their precinct.

"I felt they were in danger," said Daw.

Daw's employer, Educational Bus Transport of Copiague, didn't agree.

After Daw filed a report about what happened, he was terminated from his job of nine months.

He and the company both confirmed Monday that Daw has now been rehired, with full back pay from the time he missed.

The company said in a statement that Daw had violated company policy, but that they "understand his decision to help those stranded police detectives" and applauds his instincts in doing so.

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