10-Foot Python Found in Parking Lot of New Jersey Burger King

The Burmese python appears to have been someone's pet

A 10-foot python was captured Tuesday in the parking lot of a New Jersey Burger King after a construction crew fixing a sewer line spotted the reptile.

It had apparently been seen in recent days, moving through the grass near the Passaic River in Paterson.

On Tuesday morning, the construction crew saw the snake and called animal control officers, who then contacted local snake expert Jerry Zelenka.

Zelenka, who conducts animal education programs through his organization Touch of Nature, estimated the Burmese python was about 10 feet long and 40 to 45 pounds.

He said the snake wasn't venomous or dangerous, but "they'll give you a bite you won't enjoy, if you are bitten."

Zelenka guessed the snake was a pet because it was well-fed and healthy. 

"It's probably not the most agreeable snake at the moment," he added.

He plans to treat the snake for possible worms or parasites, then clean it and feed it. He hopes to introduce it to other snakes in his collection of featured reptiles in his educational program. 

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