Bundle Up

Arctic blast heading for New York

New York City got off easy this weekend, with only an inch or so of snow. But you'd better steel yourself, because a blast of arctic air will be sending temperatures down into the single digits this week.

The cold air is due to arrive on Wednesday and by Thursday temperatures should get as low as a teeth-chattering 7 degrees. If that prediction holds, the city will narrowly miss breaking its record low for Jan. 15, which was set on a 0 degree day in 1957.

Throw in a bit of wind chill and it will feel like it's below 0. The cold air is expected to last through the weekend.

Making matters worse will be an Alberta clipper cold front that will blow in off the Great Lakes on Thursday.

After getting ready for as many as 7 inches of snow this past weekend, NYC saw only about an inch of snow

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