New Jersey

Buck Stuck on Beach in New Jersey

A buck has been stuck on a New Jersey beach all day Wednesday, hours after it was spotted roaming the streets in nearby Seaside Heights Tuesday night.

The buck was seen sitting on Ortley Beach, one block north of Seaside, and was barely able to move Wednesday afternoon, a law enforcement source tells News 4. Waves were washing up close to the animal as it lay on the sand. 

The source claimed state wildlife officials won't respond and the local Toms River animal control says there's nothing they can do. 

But a wildlife spokesman tells News 4 that Toms River animal control did respond, and whenever they tried to approach to shoot the deer with a dart gun, it ran into the surf, sparking concerns it might drown.

They also called in a state police marine unit, similar to a Zodiac, and at several points it blasted its horn to try to get the buck to move -- but the animal would not leave the surf. 

The wildlife spokesman says sometimes the trauma of rescue efforts can kill an animal.  Officials are hoping the deer will wander off on its own when it gets dark. If they see signs of severe stress before then -- that it's just stuck and can't move -- then wildlife officials will move in.

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