Bryant Park to Begin Tracking Visitors' Mobile Data

Your next trip to Bryant Park is about to be big data. 

The Bryant Park Corporation, which manages the iconic city-owned park in midtown Manhattan, announced on Wednesday that it was partnering with data firm PlaceIQ to track anonymous data from mobile phone users in the public space.

Bryant Park Corporation said in a news release that the move is aimed at improving sponsorships, programs, events and staffing at the popular park. Daniel A. Biederman, the non-profit's president, said that it would help them create new programs similar to its morning yoga, summer movies, ice skating in the winter and cultural performances.

"As the volume of visitors to Bryant Park continues to grow, we remain committed to providing a park experience that appeals to everyone," said Biederman. "PlaceIQ's ability to use location data for insights into demographics can inform decisions about future programs and activities that appeal to all."

The partnership has already gleaned some interesting data about the park. PlaceIQ found that 19 percent of visitors live in Manhattan, while another 65 percent who visit the park come from other boroughs. The remaining 16 percent of visitors come from outside the city. 

The company says that visitors are typically between 25 and 44 and are are twice as likely to bank at Bank of America as others. They're also 50 percent more likely to visit Macy's and twice as likely to go to PetsMart.

The company was also able to glean data about visitors' jobs: 16 percent worked in management, 9 percent were in business or finance, 8 percent had sales jobs, 4 percent had careers in arts and entertainment, and 1 percent worked in legal professions.

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