Brooklyn Artist Set to Unveil Sculpture of Animal Parts

Artist Nate Hill made a life-sized female sculpture out of animal parts.

This Saturday, Brooklyn artist Nate Hill will unveil his E.V.E. project, a life-sized female sculpture made entirely of dead animal parts.  He has been working on his E.V.E. project for the better half of the past year, utilizing a variety of left-over animal parts including: "a bird, buffalo, cat, cow, coyote, dog, fish, lobster, octopus, ox, pig, rabbit, shrimp, and squirrel." This Saturday, fans of macabre art will get their chance to witness it's unveiling at Silent Barn in Bushwick (915 Wyckoff Ave).

Nate Hill created E.V.E. as the companion to the A.D.A.M. project, both of which according to the artist "ain't no fake David Blaine shit!" A.D.A.M. was completed in January 2008, and is impressively terrifying with his (it's?) fish head shoulder pads and chicken head genitalia. Other animal parts include chicken, conch, cow, crab, deer, dog, duck, eel, fish, frog, lobster, rabbit, and shark. And for the animal-rights activists, feel fine knowing that all the parts Hill uses are either found, recycled, or bought off ebay (the buffalo ribs!).  For a complete slideshow of A.D.A.M., and to prepare for E.V.E., check out Flickr user Kevlar Palsh's set.

As for how he makes this unusual art, it involves unpreserved raw animal parts and a 30 gallon tank of alcohol. From his website: "...I don't use any of their traditional techniques. What I do it quite crude. I use different unpreserved raw animal parts and sew them together. Then the finished product with something as big as E.V.E. is displayed in the open air. When it is stored, it lives in a 30 gallon tank of rubbing alcohol. But when on display, it is not really preserved. In other words, basically my work smells."

The E.V.E. project opens Halloween night at Bushwick's The Silent Barn, 915 Wyckoff Ave. For more, visit

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