Brooklyn Will Have to Wait Longer for New H&M

Getty Images

Construction delays are forcing the grand opening of a mega-H&M in the Fulton Mall back more than a year -- the massive store was slated to open in 2010, but developers are now projecting Spring 2011.

The massive outdoor pedestrian mall has been the subject of much anticipation in terms of development -- right now there's a Macy's and the prospect of another massive chain in the space is certainly upping its retail ante in the local area. The mall apparently draws over 100,000 people a day, which needless to say seriously appeals to any retailers looking to develop on that stretch

The delay is certainly less than ideal, considering developers' glossy plans for the area. The new H&M will be glass-walled and attached to a large "Beaux Arts" building at 505 Fulton Street, currently occupied by discount retailer Conway that's apparently on its way out, paving the way for large-scale redevelopment of the entire mall.

As developer Albert Laboz told WWD: "Taken by itself, Brooklyn is the fourth-largest city in the U.S. and it is very underserved by retailers, and fashion companies are realizing that."

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