Brooklyn Teacher Punished for Buying Books for Students

A Brooklyn English teacher says controversy over a book may cost him his job.

Todd Friedman has spent 13 of his 29 years in education teaching at Midwood High School. Last year, changes were enacted to the English curriculum, and teachers were asked to focus on non-fiction reading. Friedman says he was outspoken against the changes from the start.

"Most of the English teachers didn't agree with the changes that were being made, and we had a right to have some input," Friedman said.

So Friedman dug into his own pockets and bought copies of the book "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley. He charged students $2 each to recoup some of the cost, though he still ended up losing money. Friedman says the practice of buying books and selling them to students is relatively common at the school.

But school administrators were not happy about the transaction. The Department of Education says a teacher selling books violates regulations.

Friedman was placed on administrative duties and is awaiting a hearing to face possible termination.

"For what? I'm not a child molester. I've done nothing wrong," Friedman said, adding that he feels he's being targeted for being outspoken against the new curriculum.

A hearing date has not yet been set.

A DOE spokesperson told NBC 4 New York that an investigation confirmed Friedman violated a regulation and the disciplinary process is pending.

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