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Brooklyn Shop Creates, Sells Personal Subway Countdown Clocks

If you could use a easy visual reminder of how late (or smoothly!) your train is running each morning, a Brooklyn shop has got a subway countdown clock for you. 

NYC Train Sign, a startup based in Bushwick, is selling personal subway countdown clocks that connect to real-time MTA data for a designated train stop with real train times for both directions, Curbed NY reports. The signs can also display a customized text slide, a logo and real-time weather updates.

Timothy Woo, who first created the sign back in 2016, wanted "actually reliable" train data without leaving the house or having to check his phone, according to Curbed NY. He also drew inspiration from an explicitly titled website that's singularly devoted to updating visitors on whether the L train is, ahem, operating normally.

"It's functional home decor, but it's also a nostalgic piece for people who love New York City and NYC living, which so often revolves around the subway. For better or worse," Dara Denney, NYC Train Sign's director of sales and marketing, tells Curbed NY. 

NYC Train Sign also says it's hoping to cultivate a flourishing community of businesses, artists and young hackers. 

The company has just started selling directly to customers for signs starting at $299. But NYC Train Sign has also been leasing signs to businesses for $29 a month since the start of summer. Co-found Rohail Altaf tells News 4 that places like House of Yes, Dun-Well Doughnuts and Father Knows Best are among the 20 business around Bushwick that have been using the sign. (See all the businesses on this Google Map.)
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