Uber Driver Dragged, Pinned in Violent Brooklyn Road Rage Attack Captured on Video

The victim is an Uber driver who says he couldn't let the other driver get away with his car keys

What to Know

  • Video shows a violent road rage incident in Brooklyn in which an Uber driver was pinned and thrown into the air
  • The incident on McGuinness Boulevard in Greenpoint left the victim with serious scrapes, but he says he realizes how fortunate he is
  • Police say they're looking for the driver in the white car with Florida plates and are asking the public for tips

Shocking video shows a man being pinned between two cars in the middle of a busy Brooklyn street during a violent road rage incident Tuesday, and police say they're looking for the hit-and-run driver. 

The victim, an Uber driver who wanted to remain anonymous, said he was driving on a bustling Norman Avenue in Greenpoint at about 1:30 p.m. when another driver in a white car with Florida license plates started screaming at him, then cut him off. 

"I didn't let him in my lane, and he forced himself in front of my lane," the victim recounted Wednesday, sporting wounds from the incident. 

"He was just very violent, very aggressive." 

Both men got out of the car, video shows, and the other driver took out a box cutter, swinging it at the cabbie several times. 

The attacking driver then reached into the victim's car and took the keys. The victim, who had just started his job as an Uber driver and was determined to get back his keys, rushed after the other man and held onto the driver's door. That man hit the gas, pinning the victim against a van alongside him and flipping him into the air before screeching off.  

"I didn't know he was gonna hit the gas," the victim said Wednesday, sporting wounds from the incident. 

The NYPD said the video is a good reminder that drivers should stay in their vehicles when encountering other aggressive drivers and take down the information of the other driver, if necessary. In the meantime, police are searching for the suspect. 

"The video is pretty key," said NYPD Lt. Rachael Kosak. "As you can see, it's gone pretty much viral. We're able to get the plates off of it. We're able to get some witnesses off it. We're able to tell a story."

Kosak said they've already heard some tips through their Crime Stoppers line, but is encouraging anyone to that may have additional information to call the hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS. 

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