Brooklyn Parents Fuming After 6-Year-Old Leaves School Alone

It's the call no parent ever wants.

On Tuesday afternoon, Todd Heskins and Antonella Celano phone rang.

"We were completely surprised," Heskins said.

It was a school employee was calling to see if they knew the whereabouts of their six-year-old son, Justin.

"[They] called me to ask me if i had Justin," said Celano. 

He didnt.

The boy, along with a six-year-old girl, somehow disappeared just minutes after being dismissed from their Brooklyn Heights elementary school, PS 8.

"Panic," said Celano, describing in one word exactly how she felt.

Fearing the worse, Celano rushed over to the school on Hicks Street.

"I ran to the school trying to find him," said Celano. "The teachers were running around looking for him."

But still, there was no sign of the small students.

Luckily, a short time later, the two kids were found about a block and a half away from the school by a parent, said Heskins -- and now he's demanding answers.

The two young children were students were found standing in the pouring rain on the corner of this busy intersection some 25 minutes later.

"They're six years old," said Celano. "It shouldn't happen with a fifth grader -- let alone a six year old."

"You bring your kids to school and you think they're safe," said Heskins.

A spokesperson for the school says the students were not even a block away from the campus when they were located. However, the question of how the two got out of the staff's sight is under investigation.

Wednesday, the principal met with the parents, offering an apology and promising to investigate.

Heskins says someone needs to be held responsible for the mishap.

"With two teacher's in the class and security, you expect this could have never happen," said Heskins.

The school principal says it won't happen again.

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