Diabetic Moviegoer: Theater Called Cops When I Refused to Throw Out Strawberries

A Brooklyn man with diabetes says a local movie theater called police when he refused to throw out the strawberries he'd brought into the venue.

Michael Kass says he is a type 2 diabetic who has to maintain a healthy diet in order to keep his blood sugar in balance. He didn't think twice about taking some berries to a Sunday showing of "Divergent" at the Pavilion Theater in Park Slope.
But a ticket taker spotted the strawberries during a routine bag check and told Kass he couldn't bring them in. 
Kass explained the situation, and a movie manager asked him to throw out the strawberries. Kass said he asked for a refund, but the manager refused. So he continued along with his original plans and went into the theater. 
"I probably thought I was calling her bluff," he said. "I didn't in a million years think they would actually call the cops on me for bringing strawberries into a movie theater." 
Kass doesn't hold a grudge but is still stunned a bucket of strawberries turned into a main attraction. He hopes it will now shine a spotlight on the necessity for healthier snacking options at the theater. 
"I'm fully hoping to get gouged on strawberries," he joked. "I hope they charge me up the wazoo for them." 
The theater did not return calls requesting comment. 
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