Brooklyn Man Jacks Prosecutor's MP3

Dumber and dumber

Sometimes people do stupid things. This is one of them.

A Brooklyn man goes to the district attorney’s office to console a murder victim’s mother. Then he decides to steal the homicide prosecutor’s MP3 player – a $200 Microsoft Zune, according to the New York Post. Ingenious.

Colin Powell, 37, was sitting with bereaved mother Torya Dorsey and the prosecutor, Jonathan Kaye, when he asked Kaye if he could use the phone in his office.

Yes, the unwitting prosecutor replied.

Powell went into Kaye’s office to “use the phone” and then apparently left the building. Soon after, the prosecutor realized that his digital music player is missing from a drawer in his desk. Not one to be fooled, Kaye called Powell right away and asked what happened to it.

Powell told Kaye he couldn’t get the Zune back for him, but that he would pay him back at cost, according to the Post. He was charged with petty larceny in the Feb. 4 incident.

Bad move, buddy.

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