Sucker Free: Brooklyn Honors Beloved Spike Lee

The festival marks the 20th anniversary of "Do the Right Thing"

He’s been able to “Do the Right Thing” for two decades, and now Brooklyn will honor filmmaker Spike Lee during a three-day festival.

"Where’s Mars: Brooklyn Honor Spike Lee” takes its name from Lee’s character in one of his early films, "She’s Gotta Have It." Organizer Rasu Jilani says the tribute is also meant to coincide with the 20th anniversary of "Do the Right Thing" saying “That’s the most synonymous with Brooklyn and Spike Lee epitomizes Brooklyn."

The Brooklyn native will be honored through events including the “He Got Game” father/son basketball tournament, a photo exhibit featuring Lee’s brother, David Lee, panel discussions with notable Brooklyn authors and personalities, a poetry slam, and  an art exhibit inspired by Lee’s work where organizer Sallome Hralima says pieces were submitted from artists from “all over the world actually.”

"He took one medium, which is film, said Hralima, "and completely transformed the people look at sports, the way people look at people of color in film, the way that people look at marketing and merchandising their own names."

The “Where’s Mars” tribute starts Thursday, June 25th and lasts until the 28th.

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