Brooklyn Dog Walker Attacked by Off-Leash Dogs, Neighbors Say It's Not the First Time

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Alexandrea Marksman was walking Honey the chihuahua in Brooklyn when she was attacked by two off-leash dogs, causing the 9-month-old puppy to escape and the attack sent the dogwalker to the hospital.

“I really thought I was gonna die because the dogs kept jumping higher and higher trying to get to my neck,” the college student who walks dogs for extra money told NBC New York about the attack that happened on Saturday. Marksman says she was walking with Honey in her arms on the 1600 block of Canarsie Road when she saw two pit bulls off their leash.

“The dogs jumped on me," Marksman said. "They bit me really hard and I was bleeding. And they bit me again and I was running and trying to escape.”

Marksman fought them off but the chihuahua got loose and ran away. A surveillance video near the scene shows the dogwalker calling 911, telling officials how she was just attacked by two dogs. To her dismay, responding police officers told her there was nothing they could do and drove off.

“A woman being attacked by a dog would be a civil matter and not criminal in nature," the police department said in a statement.

When NBC New York went to the neighborhood, neighbors say it's not the first time something like this has happened. Some said they walk on the other side of the street to stay away from the dogs, and one man said he actually had to jump on top of cars to get away from them.

“I was coming down a neighbor's steps, [the dog owner] was walking the dog in that direction. Dog just stopped, looked at me and then he just chased at me and I had to jump on the banister to escape," the neighbor said, showing NBC New York the video of him narrowly escaping a brown pit bull. Twenty yards away, the owner stood there and watched.

NBC New York found later that owner walking his dogs again, one of which was off-leash which is in violation of the city’s leash law. When he saw the TV station's camera, he put the leash on. 

When asked about the attack on Masksman, the owner said his dog has never attacked anyone.

But Masksman has stitches and open wounds to prove that she was indeed attacked. She said she's in pain, and her heart hurts too --- for Honey and how scared the little dog must be following the attack. She has posted flyers around the neighborhood in search for Honey.

“The fact that they could have their dogs and go about their day like nothing happened and I don’t have the dog anymore and I’m all wounded up - it doesn’t seem real," Marksman said.

Fortunately, Honey was later found in Canarsie Park by someone who recognized her from the flyers. The puppy has been reunited with her owner.

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