Brooklyn Bridge Makeover to Close Lanes to Traffic

Construction to start June 1

It is indeed one to the iconic symbols of New York City.  But after stretching across the East River for more than 125 years, the Brooklyn Bridge is showing its age. 

That's why the New York City Department of Transportation is about to give it a major overhaul.

The renovation is expected to begin in a matter of days and take four years, during which time the ramps onto the Brooklyn Bridge will be widened, the roadway replaced, and then the entire span repainted Brooklyn Bridge Tan.

Most of that work will take place at night and on weekends.  That will mean shutting down Manhattan-bound traffic from 11am to 6pm, Monday through Friday, Saturday from midnight to 7am, and Sunday from midnight to 9am.

In addition, there will be 24 weekends when the Brooklyn Bridge will be closed to Manhattan-bound traffic the entire weekend, not just at night.

The closures on the Brooklyn Bridge will force much of that traffic over to the Manhattan Bridge, raising concerns for people in Lower Manhattan.

"It's going to have an enormous impact on our neighborhood and we really are saying to the city, please make sure that you are taking this into account when you have these plans," said Julie Menin, chairperson of Community Board One.

To deal with the anticipated traffic nightmare, dozens of additional traffic agents will be deployed in Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

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