Benjamin Carroll

Brooklyn Apartment Blaze Forces Man to Carry Infant Daughter Down Fire Escape

A frightening fire swept through an apartment building in Brooklyn on Tuesday, forcing one man to carry his infant daughter down the fire escape.

Fire crews said the blaze started around 4:30 p.m. on the second floor of the building in East Flatbush.

The flames quickly spread and filled the entire building, firefighters said.

One man who realized he couldn’t escape the building out the door said he carried his 7-month-old daughter all the way down the fire escape.

"I heard people screaming 'get out of the building,'” Chris Boston of East Flatbush said. “So I grabbed my daughter and went to open the door. As soon as I opened the front door it was just black in the hallway, I couldn’t see anything at all. So I slammed the front door and turned around and went down the fire escape.”

The father and daughter got out safely as did everyone else inside, crews said.

It’s not clear what sparked the blaze.

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