Businesses Count Losses After Water Main Break

Store owners in the Bronx neighborhood that was flooded by a busted water main say they have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in supplies and business because of the soggy mess.

Morales Hardware Center was submerged in 3 feet of water, which destroyed a lumberyard full of wood, owner Richard Secor told the New York Post.

"The money we'll lose in business we'll never recoup," he said.

M.T.D. Halal Grocery had to throw out hundreds of thousands of dollars of goods.

"The food is not clean," employee Fatoumata Barry told the Post.

Medical records and equipment were destroyed at nearby Jerome Family Health Center, according to Dr. Hisham Ahmed.

"Our patients are really upset," he told the Post.

The 108-year-old water main ruptured Wednesday morning and gushed for more than three hours before it was shut off, flooding homes and businesses. Two nearby gas mains were also broken, and authorities say it could be days before gas is fully restored.

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