Small Gas Explosion Reported on Same Bronx Block Where Suspected Drug Den Blew Up Last Year, Killing Fire Chief

A small gas explosion blew out the back door and a window of a Bronx home on the same block where a blast killed an FDNY fire chief last year, fire officials say. 

Neighbors say they heard a deafening boom from the house at 287 West 234th St. in Kingsbridge at about 5:15 p.m. Thursday. 

"It was loud, it sounded like a huge tractor truck had fallen from high above," said neighbor Mary Lahti. 

"I almost thought a very large truck had hit a very large pothole," said Jim Lahti. 

No one was inside the three-story home at the time of the blast, and no one was hurt. Neighbors say they think the people living in the home were away at the time. 

"We're all OK, and apparently nobody was even hurt in that house, which is good," said Jim Lahti. 

Con Edison was on the scene investigating. 

Another home on the same block exploded last September, killing a fire chief responding to the scene. That home was a suspected drug den, authorities have said, and two men were indicted on manslaughter charges in connection with the death of FDNY Battalion Chief Michael Fahy. 

"It's not a very safe feeling to know, if you're going to bed and experience something again, so we're just wondering what's going on," said Mary Lahti. 

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