2 Elderly Women Run Down on Way Home from Church Bingo

Police said the driver is expected to face charges

An out-of-control vehicle crashed into several parked cars before hitting two elderly women on the sidewalk as they walked home from playing bingo in the Bronx Monday, and charges are expected to be filed against the driver. 

The FDNY said a black Honda slammed into another car on Pittman and DeReimer avenues in Wakefield at about 5:30 p.m., then went on to crash into four parked cars before hitting the two women, ages 77 and 81, on the sidewalk.

"I hear 'bam!' and when I came out, I noticed my car was involved and I saw two ladies lying on the sidewalk right here," said witness Selewyn Pronn.

Steve Howell, another witness, said one of the women was conscious but the other didn't appear to be awake. 

"The other one, I could see that she was breathing but she wasn't talking," said Howell. 

Pronn said that woman was bleeding from her head and mouth and could not talk. 

Neighbors said the women were walking home from playing bingo at their church down the block. 

The 81-year-old is listed in critical condition and the 77-year-old woman is listed in serious but stable condition at Our Lady of Mercy Hospital. 

Police said charges are expected to be filed against the driver.

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