Father of 12 Killed in Bronx Attempted Robbery

Neighbors say Anselmo Porras was a hardworking immigrant who spent the last 10 years working double shifts to send money to his kids

A 51-year-old Bronx father of 12 was killed early Wednesday morning when he was confronted by three men who attempted to rob him, police said.

The victim, Anselmo Porras, was walking home from his late shift at a Bedford Park bodega around 1 a.m. when the trio of would-be robbers demanded money, police said.

Unsatisfied with Porras' response, the attackers apparently strong-armed their victim upstairs to his sixth floor apartment in hopes of recovering more  stolen cash and property.

Once inside his apartment, police say Porras  ran into the bedroom and tried to close the door.  But one of the suspects fired a fatal shot right through the wood.

The bullet pierced Porras in the torso, and he was pronounced dead on the scene.

"This was the type of man who would give you the shirt off his back," said Andre Anderson, a neighbor of Porras.

Family members told NBC New York that Porras was planning to fly home to the Dominican Republic in the next few weeks. Several neighbors said they believe the would-be robbers overheard the plans and were hoping to steal any cash and goods Porras was packing to take on the upcoming flight.

Police are using surveillance video to try and identify the men who attacked Porras.

The father leaves behind nine children who live in Spain, two kids who live in the Dominican Republic, and one who lives in New York.  

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