Investigators Question Suspect in Attempted Abduction in Connecticut; Arrest Expected: Police

Police in Connecticut said they expect to arrest a suspect in the attempted kidnapping of a 17-year-old girl who had to jump out of a moving vehicle jumped out of a moving car to escape her abductor.

On Thursday, police said they found the car the teen jumped from and identified a New Haven woman suspect, but had not arrested her.

Authorities attempted to question the woman, but she "lawyered up." An arrest is expected to be made later Friday. 

The development in the case comes after the teen was walking along Boston Avenue in Bridgeport on Monday when the driver of a Toyota Yaris lured her into the car simply by saying something to the effect of, "It's cold out this morning, can I give you a ride to school?," according to police.

The driver attacked her once she was inside, according to police.

Video surveillance police released shows a four-door sedan driving when the back right car door opens and a person who looks like the teenager tumbles out of the car. The suspect's car then pulls a U-turn, doubles back on the opposite side of the road and keeps going.

Police say the girl was uninjured in the abduction attempt. 

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