Organs of Brain-Dead Brooklyn Toddler Won't Be Donated

A brain-dead 2-year-old Brooklyn girl's organs will not be donated.

A New York Organ Donor Network spokeswoman tells The New York Times that organ and tissue donation "can only occur when there is agreement amongst family members."

The parents of Thaiya Spruill-Smith were in disagreement over whether to donate her organs.

The toddler was declared brain dead Friday after suffering injuries authorities say apparently were caused by her stepfather violently shaking her. David Adams has been charged with assault. Prosecutors say charges likely will be upgraded.

On Monday, a judge ordered Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center to keep the child on life support for at least another day until the girl's parents resolved their dispute.

Her mother, Teoka Spruill, wanted her organs donated; the father, Terrell Smith, objected.

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