Body of New Jersey Boyfriend Reported Missing Found in Car Trunk in Bronx: Police

A 24-year-old New Jersey man whose girlfriend reported him missing and their apartment burglarized has been found dead in the Bronx after an apparent kidnapping, authorities say.

The body of Jordan Johnson was found in the trunk of his 2013 BMW Thursday afternoon, nearly two days after his girlfriend, Megan Faulkner, reported him missing when he didn't meet her in Harlem despite telling her to go to the Manhattan neighborhood in a text.

Johnson's sister, Jacqueline Taylor, said something was off about the messages Faulkner got late Tuesday from Johnson's phone.

She said Faulkner didn't feel like they were coming from his boyfriend, despite being sent from his cell, but Faulkner left the couple's Fort Lee apartment to meet him in Harlem anyway.

When Johnson didn't show or respond to her texts and calls, Faulkner told police he was missing. Then she returned to their apartment across the river and found it burglarized, authorities said.

A large amount of cash and jewelry were also missing, police said.

The car was found on East 211 Street in Norwood. Police have not said how Johnson died.

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