Boy, 9, Found Dead on Scaffolding Outside 46-Story Bronx Building

Police are investigating the death of a young boy found on top of scaffolding outside a 46-story Bronx building Wednesday afternoon.

The body of 9-year-old Sidy Fofana was discovered on top of scaffolding above the ground floor at the Richman Plaza building in Morris Heights around 5 p.m. The boy lived on the fourth floor of the building, police say.

Police say the boy was last seen with his uncle, who lives on the 43rd floor.

Investigators believe he fell from a high level, possibly the roof. No criminality is suspected.

His mother, who is from Mali, spoke to reporters in her home Thursday, and said she didn't understand how he was able to access the roof.

"I'm still in shock and do not have the answer of what exactly happened to my son," she said.

She choked up and cried as she described how the little boy was an excellent student in school, and read from a letter he recently wrote her.

"I want to help you by being good at school," the letter said.

Neighbor Kissie Alexander said: "It's heartbreaking, it's really heartbreaking. I'm a mother of seven, and I can just imagine how the mother would feel."

Witnesses say they heard a loud noise at the moment the boy fell.

"I looked out the window and there's a body," said Hasker Tingman, who was at a friend's home when he heard the crash.

"I was in shock, I ran downstairs," he said, adding he was saddened when he learned the victim was a boy.

--Tracie Strahan contributed to this story

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