Muslim Girl Still Scared After Headscarf Attack

The 13-year-old Muslim girl who was attacked by a schoolmate told NBC New York she was still scared after months of harassment from the boy.

The girl, who asked that her name not be used, sat down for her first television interview a day after her 12-year-old accused attacker, Osman Daramy, was arrested and charged with felony assault.

"Now after he's arrested, I'm still afraid ... I'm just scared of something," she said.

The boy is accused of punching and kicking the 13-year-old sixth-grader at Dreyfus Intermediate School. She suffered bruises and a cut lip.

He also grabbed for her headscarf -- something he has done before, she said. The girl said he has been tormenting her for months, following her home from school at one point.

The boy will be prosecuted in Family Court because he is a minor.

"We are taking the matter very seriously and the student faces disciplinary action, pending his court case," the DOE said in a statement.

The New York Post quoted a woman who said she was his mother but asked not to be identified.

"I know my son is a good boy. He's a kid, he made a mistake," she told the paper. "It's not right for him to bug anybody for their religion."

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