Box Owner Hit With Twincest Suit

Fetish burlesque stars claim sexual harassment

The Porcelain Twinz, a pair of identical twin burlesque performers,  are suing their former boss, alleging that he forced them to have sex with him and each other in order to keep their jobs.

Heather and Amber Langley say they "are identical twin sisters who never before have engaged in incestuous sexual relations with each other either privately or professionally within the confines of their performance art," according to court papers filed late Tuesday,  

But all that changed not long after they were hired in 2007 by Simon Hammerstein to perform at The Box, a notorious downtown night spot, the papers allege.

The women say The Box' owner, Simon Hammerstein, required them to perform sex acts on each other in a production called "Twincest." They say he also made them have three-way sex with him.

"That's not what we're about," Heather told The New York Post.

Like untold thousands before them, the Langleys came to new York City to seek fame and fortune. Following an audition at The Box, Hammerstein offered to put the twins up in his loft, the suit says. Shortly after they moved in, he "commenced a campaign of sexual harassment," according to their suit.

When the women asked Hammerstein to co-sign for a new apartment, he demanded that they first perform oral sex on him and then engage in incestuous acts with each other before telling them they had to change their show to include real sex acts involving toys, according to the suit.

After the pair parted ways with Hammerstein last fall, they posted a number of photos and videos on their MySpace page, along with a long 5,000-word litany of allegations of abuses and degradations suffered by everyone from themselves to Hammerstein's dog.

The women are seeking unspecified money damages from Hammerstein.

Hammerstein did not immediately return a call Wednesday.

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