Coralie Carlson

Body Wrapped in Tarp, Duct Tape Found in Water in Brooklyn: Police

The body of a man was found wrapped in a tarp and duct tape in the water Saturday in Brooklyn, the NYPD said. 

There was an electrical cord wrapped around the man's leg that was attached to a cinder block, police said. The blue tarp that enveloped his body was sealed with duct tape from his knees to his ankles. 

The man's body was found near East 58th Street and Avenue U in Mill Basin, police said. 

Members of the Medical Examiner's Office were seen carrying the body away from the scene in a body bag. 

Stephanie Kelso said she believes the body had been there since at least Friday evening, when a friend of hers had mentioned seeing a blue tarp floating in the basin where the body was recovered.

Alex Newirth said he was at a synagogue in the area Saturday morning when he heard helicopters overhead and other activity. A short time later, he heard about the gruesome discovery.

"That's the way they try to get rid of the evidence, but unfortunately for them, he was able to surface" Newirth said of the man's potential killers. 

The investigation into the discovery is ongoing and the Medical Examiner's Office will determine the man's cause of death.

Police have not identified the man. 

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