Man Dies in NYC Apartment Building Trash Compactor; Video Shows Him Crawl in Chute

It's not clear exactly what happened. Here's what police are thinking at this point

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A man was found dead inside of a Brooklyn apartment building's trash compactor Friday, and surveillance video captured the moment crawled into the garbage shoot, only to meet his demise.

The video, which is difficult to watch and almost hard to believe is real, shows the man struggle to get inside the small area where trash bags are usually dumped into. Even more shocking, two people can be seen watching him wedge himself inside. The man and the woman stood by the man as he went in feet first.

The clip, provided by the building's owners, shows the pair then look down the shoot for almost 30 seconds after the man's whole body was in. The other man puts his upper body inside at one point, but doesn't go any further.

Minutes later, just after 4 a.m., police said the man was found dead in the garbage compactor in the basement of the Bed-Stuy building on Gates Avenue. His remains were removed later in the morning, after the building's residents had been told that someone had fallen into the incinerator.

Police said that there was no criminality suspected. They believe it's possible the man, in his 50s, was trying to go in and grab something from the compactor.

Those who live in the building said they didn't recognize any of the three people seen in the video, after detectives went around showing tenants a photo of the man who was later found dead.

The investigation is ongoing.

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