Bodega Shooting Suspect Located, Then Hospitalized

Charles Judd has served prison time for rape and now he's a suspect in the brutal murder of a father and son in a Crown Heights deli, according to police.

Police have charged Judd with murdre and robbery.  At first, when detectives went to question him, Judd said he was sick.  He was taken to a Brooklyn hospital where he is under heavy guard, police said.  Police believe Judd is one of the two men seen on a security camera entering the Utica Deli last Wednesday.

What began as a robbery ended in murder when those men brought the store's owner, his son and a customer to the basement, police said. The owner, Mohammed Mansur Abuzaid, reportedly fought back before he was killed alongside his 18-year-old son Abdul. 

The customer survived and later picked Judd out in a line-up after a Crimestopper's tip pointed to the parolee, police said.

Judd previously served 15 years in prison for raping two girls and then went back behind bars for a drug charge.  He was released in November and the last day of his parole was the same day police approached him in this case.

Judd admitted to family members he was at the deli to rob the place, but allegedly said his accomplice was the shooter, The Daily News reported. The accomplice is still at large.

A memorial continues to grow full of messages, candles, and pictures at bodega where the crime occurred.  The deli remains closed. It is the only source of income for Abuzaid's widow and seven children.

Najib Aldayan, a relative of the victims, said "we gonna try to help the store open again, that is all they have."

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