Walk Coney Island's Boardwalk, Then Make it a Chaise Lounge

Coney Island Boardwalk, Right in Your Home

A Brooklyn company is bringing the Coney Island boardwalk to your living room, inspired by the park's famous attractions.

The company, Uhuru, is offering up six furniture "attractions" to coincide with New York Design Week that runs through May 18. Uhuru launched its "local materials" line for the event.   The furniture makers reclaimed old Ipe wood planks from the demolished Coney Island boardwalk, which has been used on the walkway since the 1940's.

The "Cyclone Lounger" will keep your Coney Island memories alive and well. Modeled after one of Coney Island's last remaining functional rides. The piece is priced at $7200 ,according to theNew York Post.

But, maybe you're in the market for a new coffee table, check out the "Wonder Coffee Table", inspired by Coney Island's Wonder Wheel.  The table even spins. Its creators say it "combines function and whimsy."  The "Wonder Coffee Table" sells for $5200, according to the Post.

A smaller "Drop End Table" goes for $2,400, while the long "Boardwalk Console" sells for $4,500.

The company also sells a "Drum Lamp," its base is modeled after the concrete filled oil cans that hold umbrellas and parking signs and litter the landscape of Coney Island.

The company's owners tell the Post they made a deal with a contractor removing the old planks and bought 200 feet for a mere $800.

The boardwalk furniture is in short supply, only ten of each of the pieces are being made.

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