Bloomberg: I'm Bigger Than Moses

Mayor touts his work as compared to the legendary builder

Mayor Bloomberg is very proud of himself.

In a characteristically sprawling interview with The New Yorker magazine, Hizzoner compares his work since 9/11 to Gotham's great "Master Builder" Robert Moses.

"I think if you look we've done more in the last seven years than -- I don't know if it's far to say more than Moses did, but I hope history will show the things we did made a lot more sense," he told the mag."

Moses influenced decades of urban planning in New York City from the 1930s to the 50s, creating 658 playgrounds, over 400 miles of parkway and 13 bridges.

Some say Moses destroyed neighborhoods with some of his highways in the sky, but his name may endure as long as this city stands, emblazoned on causeways, state parks and even a hydroelectric dam.

"You know, Moses did some things that turned out not to be great: cutting us off from the waterfront, putting roads all along the water," Bloomberg told the New Yorker.

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