Bloomberg Daughter's Cyberstalker: “It's Ridiculous” I'm in Jail

A 48-year-old Queens pizzeria worker jailed for stalking Mayor Michael Bloomberg's daughter with emails and text messages called his imprisonment "ridiculous" in a jailhouse interview with the Daily News.

Salvatore Di Bartolo blamed his arrest for stalking Georgina Bloomberg on efforts to get back into the dating pool after his companion of 14 years passed away.

"I tried getting back out there. And look what happened," Di Bartolo said.

He likened his infatuation with Bloomberg to love at first sight, telling a News reporter during the Rikers Island interview, "She's sorta cute."

Di Bartolo became obsessed with the 28-year-old equestrian in late May, and sent a series of text messages to an NYPD sergeant asking for help in reaching the mayor and his daughter to talk about their "wedding plans."

Di Bartolo was warned by the sergeant "not to have any contact with complainant Bloomberg in any way, including through the third party," but continued to text the sergeant anyway.

Shortly afterward, he was arrested in a pre-dawn raid June 7 at his apartments.

While Di Bartolo wistfully told the News he hoped he would make it rich by opening a casino some day and perhaps then Bloomberg would "come for me," he did offer an apology to the mayor's daughter.

"I can't give her a message," he told the News. "I'm facing seven years. But if I could say something, I would say, 'I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you.'"

Georgina Bloomberg, an equestrian star who's just released a book, "The A Circuit," told police she had never met or heard of Di Bartolo, a divorced dad of two described by neighbors as "quiet but strange," according to the News.

Di Bartolo was jailed with harassment and aggravated harassment, and remains on Rikers Island in lieu of $25,000 bail. He also faces charges of forging a federal judge's signature last year on a bogus court order awarding himself $10 million.

Though he pronounced it ridiculous that he's behind bars, Di Bartolo apparently doesn't mind his accommodations -- or his company.

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