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Bone-Chilling Black Friday Sets Record for November Cold, Warmer Weather on the Way

What to Know

  • Temperatures on Black Friday hit record lows
  • It was the lowest November day ever recorded in Bridgeport, at JFK and LaGuardia
  • But on the bright side, it should be warming up over the weekend, albeit with some stormy weather

We are in record territory with this weather.

Coming off a low of 20 in New York City on Thanksgiving -- a tie for the coldest November 22 on record -- New Yorkers went into a second day of bone-chilling cold on Black Friday.

Friday was the coldest November day ever recorded in Bridgeport, Kennedy Airport and LaGuardia Airport. Bridgeport dipped to a brutal 13 degrees.

After the record cold morning, temperatures were set to warm for the afternoon -- but only into the upper 20s and lower 30s. 

In Bryant Park, the Josephine Shaw Lowell Memorial Fountain was frozen off, a stunning annual indicator that freezing temperatures have set in.

Tourists, police and vendors were heeding the city's advice to bundle up and keep extremities warm, and most said the weather wasn't dampening their spirits.

"I guess it would’ve been slightly more enjoyable [if it had been warmer] but sometimes it happens all around Thanksgiving where it kind of becomes a part of the holiday with this cold and you just bear through it and enjoy all the festivities and stuff," Aja McWilliams said.

While the weekend it set to be warmer, clouds will roll in overnight ahead of the next storm system set to arrive late Saturday, Storm Team 4 said.

Most of Saturday is set to be dry, but rain will arrive late in the afternoon, continuing through early Sunday morning. Some areas could see more than an inch of rain, so some minor flooding is possible.

Warmer air will accompany this storm, so high temperatures will return to the 50s for the weekend. We'll enjoy a bright and mild Sunday before the next storm arrives on Monday with more rain.

Historic Images of NYC Snowstorms

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