Bill Bratton Tells Congress NYPD Investigated 3 ISIS-Inspired Terror Plots in 2015

The NYPD’s top cop told U.S. senators Tuesday the threat of terrorism is the greatest it’s been since the Sept. 11 terror attacks, adding that the department uncovered three terror threats inspired by ISIS in the last year.

Commissioner Bill Bratton outlined the department’s counter-terrorism response to new threats during a Senate homeland security committee hearing Tuesday on Capitol Hill.

He said New York City has been the “nexus or target” of more terror plots than any other city in America – including four plots in less than two years.

“The frontline response to terrorism in America is more pressing than any time since 9/11,” he said.

He said the department has been shifting its tactics in the last two years amid ISIS-inspired “lone wolf” attacks to either behead people, bomb public events or attack police officers.

He told the senators the department has been beefing up patrols, investing in technology for officers, and working with federal law enforcement agencies to sniff out plots and combat terror.

“No other city faces the threat faced by New York City, and no other city has invested so much— in dollars, personnel, or partnership—to counter that threat,” he said.

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