Bill and Hillary Eye Move to Even Richer Westchester Town

Rumors are swirling that Bill and Hillary Clinton are preparing to sell their Chappaqua house -- where they've resided since adopting New York as their home state more than a decade ago -- to trade up to a $10.9 million estate in tony Bedford Hills.

Bedford is just miles from Chappaqua in Westchester County, and is home to Martha Stewart, Richard Gere and probably a lot of hedge fund managers.

The estate the Clinton's are allegedly eying is called "Clover Hills Farm" and boasts 7,000 square feet sitting on 20 acres of land. 

According to the New York Times, Bedford Hills would be fortunate to have the Clintons, who "as it turns out are almost unanimously viewed as great neighbors."

The Times says the pair, "march in the Memorial Day Parade, get egg sandwiches at Lange’s Little Store and Deli, and, until recently, were regularly seen at Starbucks or local restaurants."

In fact, one Chappaqua resident, the lawyer, author and former Congressional candidate Lawrence Otis Graham, in an essay on The Daily Beast Web site, already called on the Clintons to stay put in their current hamlet.

The couple is also preparing for the marriage this month of their only daughter, Chelsea.

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