Biking to Work Gets a Lot Easier

New bike rules, a veggie cook-off, a tortured cat and more from the blogs ...

Now that the Bicycle Access Bill has been passed, Streetsblog has begun compiling a few tips and tricks to get your office building cool with bicycles. [Streesblog]

Vegans get their very own Iron Chef-style food event next month for Veggie Conquest, a cooking competition in Chelsea where chefs cook vegan food with a pre-announced secret ingredient. We're gonna spoil it and guess something with soy? [Flatbush Vegan]

Starbucks is doing a little boutiquey cross-dressing on the side with the stealthy 15th Avenue E Coffee and Tea in Manhattan. [PSFK]

To warn Wednesday's Mega Millions jackpot winner Aubrey Boyce, Complex compiled a list of some infamous examples of failed overnight millionaires. It ain't easy going from average joe to rich schmoe at a moment's notice. [Complex]

Aw, poor Truman Capote Catpote! In Cat In A Bath - "The Torture Room," watch Brooklyn filmmaker Danilo Parra wash his furball cat in a bathtub full of water, to slow, sad music. [The Fader]

cat in a bath "The Torture Room" from danilo Parra on Vimeo.

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