Biden's Security Detail Slams Taxi in Midtown

Vice President Joe Biden was in Midtown yesterday for a taping of the John Stewart show, and his security detail hit a bit of a snag while paving his way to the show.

Three advance vehicles belonging to the NYPD were moving down 49th Street near 10th Avenue when they slammed into the back of a livery cab, officials said.  The cars apparently had lights and sirens on at the time, officials said.

Four people -- two NYPD officers and two civilians -- were injured, NYPD spokeswoman Barbara Chen said.

Mr. Biden wasn't in the trail of cars at the time.  His official motorcade was not affected and continued on as planned, the NYPD said.

Last week,  two of the Vice President's official vehicles were involved in a tragedy outside of Washington.

According to The, two Secret Service employees struck and killed a man last Wednesday in the cars the agency uses to transport Biden.

The vehicles had just been flown back to the D.C.-area from Fort Lewis, Wash., where they had driven the vice president before and after he spoke to a crowd of troops for Veterans Day.

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