Coney Island

Bicyclist Killed, Pedestrian Hurt in Aftermath of Brooklyn Crash: Police

Two vehicles crashed in a Brooklyn intersection on Sunday afternoon, sending one spinning through the street and into a bicyclist, killing him, police said. 

An 18-year-old driver of a 2019 Dodge Charger was driving on Coney Island Avenue, ran a red light and collided with a Honda SUV driving on Avenue L, injuring a 39-year-old driver, police said. The impact of the crash sent the SUV sliding across the intersection, where it struck the bicyclist and debris hit the pedestrian.

The cyclist, 52-year-old Jose Alzorriz of Brooklyn, suffered trauma to his head and body and was pronounced dead at NYC Health and Hospital/Coney Island. The car also hit a 52-year-old pedestrian who was hospitalized in stable condition.

It wasn't immediately clear whether the teen driver was injured but the other driver suffered a trauma to the body and was tranported to the hospital in stable condition.

Witness Simon Gifter said he saw the cyclist crushed by a blue SUV.

"I heard this massive boom," said Gifter, who had just parked his car nearby when the vehicles crashed. "It was awful, such an awful scene."

Alzorriz was the 19th bicyclist killed while biking in New York City so far this year, according to the advocacy group Transportation Alternatives. 

"This horrific crash should serve as a reminder of the enormous responsibility that comes with driving a multi-ton motorized vehicle in New York City,” Senior Director of Advocacy Thomas DeVito said. 

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