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Wildest Tri-State Weather Videos From the Monster Storm

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As a monster storm bore down on the tri-state Thursday, many were documenting the effects of the wild weather on social media. These are some of the most unbelievable videos our viewers shared with us, and some that we took ourselves.

If you would like to share your own storm videos, email us at Please remember safety is the first priority when shooting any photos or video. 

Citi Bike Blows in the Wind Like a Weather Vane

Freezing Squirrel Seeks Shelters in Old Mop

Gas Station Roof Dangles and Then Collapses Amid Powerful Winds

It's Snowing Underground in the NYC Subway System

Man Struggles to Roll Barrels Down Snowy Street in Brooklyn

Complete and Utter Whiteout at JFK

New Yorkers Help NYPD After Van Gets Stuck in Snow

Desperate Dog Tries to Escape Weather

Jersey Man in Fur Hat Desperate for Coffee in Snowstorm

Commuters Battle Sideways Snow in Lower Manhattan

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