NYC's Best Food Delivery Tippers Are in Brooklyn, Queens: Study

The New Yorkers who tip their food delivery workers best can be found in Brooklyn and Queens, while the stingiest ones tend to live in the city's most expensive neighborhoods, like Upper Carnegie Hill, according to an analysis by Seamless and StreetEasy.

The study finds that generally, the higher a neighborhood's rent, the less residents tend to tip on the popular online food delivery platform. In Upper Carnegie Hill, the typical tip percentage was 12.3 percent, while in much more affordable Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the typical percentage was 15.3 percent -- the highest in the city. 

And the greater the rent burden in a particular neighborhood, the lower the tip amount, according to the analysis. For example, residents in Brooklyn Heights who spend 30 percent of their annual income on rent tipped about 14 percent; but in Elmhurst, where residents were directing 42 percent of their income toward rent tipped 13.1 percent.

The best tippers by neighborhood, according to Seamless and StreetEasy:

  1. Greenpoint, Brooklyn
  2. Sunset Park, Brooklyn
  3. Woodside, Queens
  4. Bushwick, Brooklyn
  5. Gowanus, Brooklyn
  6. Ditmas Park, Brooklyn
  7. Borough Park, Brooklyn
  8. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
  9. Bed-Stuy, Broooklyn
  10. Kensington, Brooklyn

Other highlights from the study include: 

  • Manhattan residents, who pay the highest median asking rent, tipped the least in comparison to Brooklyn and Queens.
  • Upper Carnegie Hill tipped the least of all New York City neighborhoods included in the analysis.
  • 17 of the top 20 neighborhoods that tip the least are in Manhattan
  • Brooklyn neighborhoods came out on top as the city’s best tippers, with Greenpoint, Sunset Park and Bushwick typically tipping 15 percent or more.
  • Queens neighborhoods also made the list as best tippers, with Astoria, Long Island City, Ridgewood and Hunter Point renters typically paying tips between 14.2 percent and 14.5 percent on Seamless orders.
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