Website Names Princeton, NJ, America’s Best Small City

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The best small city in America isn't a picturesque vista by the sea or a quirky town in the midwest -- it's in the Garden State, according to one website.

That's right, the best small city in the United States is Princeton, New Jersey, according to personal finance site WalletHub.

The site ranked 1,268 cities with populations between 25,000 and 100,000, factoring in housing costs, cost of living, unemployment rate, income growth, population growth, quality of school systems, average commute time and the number of restaurants and coffee shops in the city.

Princeton scored high marks in nearly every category, ranking first in "economic health" and seventh in "education and health." the only place it falls short is affordability, where it is ranked No. 1,144.

Several other New Jersey towns scored well in the rankings: Paramus, Hoboken and Westfield, were all among the top 100.

The top-rated small city in New York, according to WalletHub is Saratoga Springs, which came in at No. 84 on the list.

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