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Top 30 Cities for Dating Revealed

Apartment List analyzed more than 13,000 responses from its annual renter survey to come up with the rankings

What to Know

  • Raleigh, North Carolina, was ranked the best city in the country for dating, according to the report
  • New York came in at No. 10, but fewer than half of survey respondents were satisfied with the dating pool
  • Women (52 percent) were more likely than men (42 percent) in New York to report positive responses

Apartment hunters look at many factors when deciding where to live -- and, for many, the dating pool is a significant one. 

Rental site culled data from the more than 13,000 responses to its annual survey to determine the top 30 metropolitan areas for dating. 

New York came in at No. 10. And while there may be ample opportunity for dating in the city and surrounding areas, found there's also opportunity for improvement. 

A hair less than half (49.5 percent) of respondents in New York were satisified with their dating opportunities, with women (52 percent) more likely than men (42 percent) to report positive responses. College-educated renters reported being more satisfied with dating opportunities. 

According to the survey, Raleigh, North Carolina, was ranked the No. 1 metro area in the country for dating, while San Antonio, Texas, and Boston, Massachusetts, came in second and third, respectively. Charlotte, North Carolina, and Washington, D.C., rounded out the top five.

Online real estate company Trulia also conducted research on which city’s singles have the best chance at finding love. The research took into consideration education, age, previous marital status and work schedule.

College educated, older women were found to mostly be living on the east coast. While unmarried, educated men in their thirties working similar hours tend to be living in San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle.

New York and Philadelphia boast the highest single women to single men ratios. If you are looking for change in your love life a big move may be just the thing you need.

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