Bernie's Remaining Season Tickets Up For Bid

Court rules Madoff's Mets season tickets can be sold as package deal

Got an extra $30,000 laying around and love the Mets? A court has decided the rest of Bernard Madoff's season tickets can be auctioned off.

Bernie's two opening-day tickets were sold on eBay Sunday for a cool $7,500, doubling in price in just the last two hours of the on line auction. EBay listed the face value for each ticket at $500.

Under the court's ruling Tuesday, the rest of Madoff's tickets may now be offered online as a package. The starting bid will start out in the $30,000 range, which is roughly half the tickets' value.

The seats are located in the new Citi Field's Delta Club Gold section, almost directly behind home plate. However, it looks like Madoff might have skimped when he originally bought the tickets. He stopped short of purchasing seats in the Delta Club Platinum section of the new stadium, which would have put him directly behind home plate. How much can you really do with $65 billion that's not yours?

The trustee who gets to sell the tickets filed a motion in court Tuesday, aimed at getting the ticket sales returned to the investors Madoff robbed.

Madoff pleaded guilty to charges that his investment advisory service actually was a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme that paid longtime clients with money from new ones. He's currently in jail awaiting a June sentencing for charges that carry a sentence of up to 150 years in prison.

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