Times Square's Seedy Past Hidden Beneath T-Shirts

Once a porn theatre, always a porn theatre.

A blogger at Jeremiah's Vanishing New York discovered an old, out-of-use porn theatre behind what they called an "otherwise innocent t-shirt shop" in Times Square.

To get to the forgotten spot, they snuck past the aisles of "I Heart New York" t-shirts and useless Lady Liberty snowglobes, back into a back room and down a set of stairs when the workers weren't looking. Once there, what they found was pretty much what you'd imagine.

They write, "The screen is torn. The ceiling is falling. In chairs that once held untold sticky fantasies and acts performed in flickering cinema light, now sit stacks of "I Heart NY" T-shirts." Soon those shirts will be bought by curious grandparents from Chicago, or tourists from Europe, and they'll have no idea where that shirt was once stored. Oh Times Square, no matter how hard you try and clean yourself up, your dirty, seedy past will always shine through like dirt under fingernails.

For more photos and information on the dirty find, visit Jeremiah's Vanishing New York.

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