Bedbugs Found in Furniture at New Jersey Library

What to Know

  • The bedbugs were found after someone complained about being bitten
  • The library will be closed until extermination is completed
  • Bedbugs aren't dangerous, but their bites do itch

A bedbug infestation prompted a New Jersey library to shut its doors this week after a patron complained of being bitten, according to town officials. 

The South Orange Library arranged for an inspection Tuesday after receiving the complaint, and exterminators confirmed the presence of bedbugs in furniture.

The library will remain closed until the bedbugs are exterminated.

The town said it apologized for the inconvenience of closing the library and said it was "diligently working to have the situation remediated by licensed professionals as soon as possible."

Bedbugs are not considered dangerous, but anyone with a potential allergic reaction to a bite should seek medical attention. The creepy critters don't spread disease, but their bites do itch and often lead to excessive scratching. 


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