Bear Spotted Snooping on Back Porch in Connecticut

Barbara Ross-Innamorati for

Police in Connecticut issued a warning to residents after a curious bear was spotted on a homeowner’s back porch Friday morning. posted photos of the bear peering into resident Barbara Ross-Innamorati’s home. She told the website that the bear ate seed from her bird feeder and snooped around on her porch for about five minutes before scurrying away.

“I will tell you that if our door was opened, the bear would have probably walked in,” she said.

Westport Police said that a second black bear sighting was also reported nearby. It’s not clear if it was the same bear.

Another bear sighting was also reported near the Merritt Parkway on June 25.

Police say that residents should enjoy bears in the area from a distance and should never try to feed or attract them.

Bear sighting should be reported to the Wildlife Division of the state’s Energy and Environmental Protection Department.

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