Battle Between Brooklyn Principal, Department of Education Goes to Federal Court

A Brooklyn principal has said her fight for desegregation is leading to a retaliatory investigation against her, but the Department of Education is saying that isn’t true.

Jill Bloomberg, principal of Park Slope Collegiate, filed a lawsuit saying her first amendment rights were violated.

Bloomberg has been very vocal about alleged racial discrimination within the school system, most recently suggesting a divide when it comes to sports. The city on the other hand is telling the judge that isn’t what is driving the investigation.

The city has said a confidential source told them that Bloomberg is pushing political views on students by encouraging them to attend marches and showing a movie after school that they say may promote communism.

It all played out Monday inside a court in lower Manhattan.

Close to 50 of Bloomberg’s supporters from her school, which is part of the John Jay campus, showed up.

A judge said he will make a ruling on Wednesday at 5 p.m.

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