Barclays Center to Use Metal Detector Wands at All Events

The Barclays Center used wands for a Barbra Streisand show, while airport-style metal detectors were used at Jay-Z concerts

The Barclays Center announced it will only use metal detector wands for security at events going forward, according to a published report.

The New York Post reported that Barclays used the wands for a recent Barbra Streisand show, but used airport-style metal detectors at Jay-Z concerts.

Critics blasted the choice of security measures as a racially motivated double standard. Arena officials denied that claim.

“We utilized the first two weeks since the arena opened as an opportunity to test different security methods,” David Anderson, Barclays Center General Manager told the Post. “After witnessing long lines during events in which we used walk-through magnetometers, we began to utilize hand-held magnetometers at the Barbra Streisand concert Thursday evening."

Councilwoman Letitia James, who criticized the difference, praised the arena for the new policy.

“The issue is about safety, whether it’s a concert for Jay-Z, Barbra Streisand or Lady Gaga,” James told the Post. “It should be one arena, one standard — safety. I congratulate Barclays Center for realizing we are all one.”

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